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Now more than ever, young people are facing isolation and disconnection. They need a Mentor. A caring adult just like you.

BAM 2021

BAM 2021

Spending time with a young person at work or in your community may seem simple, but science tells us that healthy interactions with supportive adults can boost a young person’s brain development, mental health, and well-being. Mentors teach skills, listen to a young person’s perspective, and help them create a sense of connection.

Worried about the time commitment? Whether you want to volunteer once a week or once a month, there are many mentoring opportunities that fit your schedule.

Worried about the pandemic? There are even ways to connect virtually through online mentoring platforms and connect with young people in other parts of the country.

We've created a database of mentoring opportunities across Canada. Enter your postal code to find a mentoring opportunity in your area.

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What does it mean to be a mentor? Take our free Online Mentor Orientation. It has five modules and takes about an hour to complete.

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