Community of Practice event: Visiting Expert Series with Dr. Bernadette Sánchez

June 13, 2023 from 2pm to 3pm
Eastern Time (UTC-04:00)
Community of Practice event: Visiting Expert Series | Événement de la Commaunté de pratique : Série d'experts invités

As part of Mentor Canada’s Community of Practice, the Visiting Expert Series offers live discussions with subject-matter experts who have created tailored presentations for members of the Community of Practice, based on our goals and needs.  

For several years now, Mentor Canada has noticed a strong appetite for discussions on how race, ethnicity, and culture influence mentoring relationships and outcomes across Canada.

Our first Visiting Expert Series will address this need by helping members of our Community of Practice understand how they can help their organizations, staff, and mentors to be more inclusive, sensitive, and respectful of the racial, ethnic, and cultural identities of their mentees and surrounding community. 

Dr. Bernadette Sánchez is a Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dr. Sánchez is one of the mentoring fields most prolific and renowned scholars. Dr. Sánchez’s research focuses on how both formal and natural mentoring relationships can contribute to the positive development of urban, low-income adolescents of colour. Dr. Sánchez is an expert in cultural humility, resilience, ethnic and racial identity development, and cultural humility training for volunteer mentors. We couldn’t be more excited and honoured to have Dr. Sánchez serve as our first Visiting Expert!  

Learn more about Dr. Bernadette Sánchez

Join us on June 13th from 2-3 ET where we will discuss:

  • What is Cultural Humility?  

  • What is Ethnic-Racial Identity?   

  • Cultural Humility Training (what is it? why is it important? what are the outcomes?)  

  • Practical Implications for Canadian Mentoring Programs & Practitioners 

  • And much more!  

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Community of Practice event: Visiting Expert Series with Dr. Bernadette Sánchez

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