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Great athletes have great coaches.

If you are looking to get the support you need in school, future career, or just advice in helping make better life choices, having a mentor, online or in person, can help you open the door to new possibilities. 

Search here to find a list of mentoring opportunities that feel best for you.

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What can mentoring do for me?

Set academic goals and provide step by step guidance on how to achieve them.

Make day to day healthy life choices, focusing on well-being & mental health, sports & activities, social & emotional skills and much more.

Provide advice on how to land your first job or further your education possibilities. 

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Worried about the time commitment? 

Whether you want to meet with your mentor once a week or once a month, there are many different mentoring opportunities that fit your lifestyle and schedule.

Worried about the pandemic? 

There are ways to connect virtually with mentors from across the country - or world - by video call, live chat or SMS.

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Hear from young adults just like you on their mentoring experience

“My mentors helped guide me, they helped create this irreplaceable experience that is now the foundation to my career growth, and they also helped me paint this big picture in my life which to me I think is priceless. My mentors also helped change the way I carry myself.”

- Ipellie Foo, Youth Indigenous Leader


"My mentor always told me to never let a good question go to waste. That notion really impacted me. My mentor also told me if you focus on problems, you will get problems, and if you focus on solutions, you will get solutions. This was a huge realization for me and it drove me to be more productive.''

- Youth participant 2021, Global Youth Town Hall

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There are other possibilities available to you if you are not yet ready to connect with a mentor

If you're 18-30 years old, join us at an upcoming Power of Mentoring event! These just-in-time mentoring events have you connect with employee volunteers and prospective employers from the private sector to discuss networking, communications, goal setting, and personal branding. Learn how to write the perfect resume, land your first job, or transition careers.

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