Mentor Canada commissions the first-ever national study of mentoring in Canada

Mentor Canada has commissioned SRDC to conduct the first-ever national study of mentoring in Canada, to be completed in spring 2020.

The State of Mentoring Research Initiative will focus on:

Mapping the mentoring experiences of youth.

We are exploring young people’s access to caring, supportive people – or mentors – when they were aged 6-18, and whether such relationships influenced different parts of their lives. The goal of the survey is to understand whether youth mentoring needs are being met.

We need your help! We are looking for a cross section of Canadians between 18 and 30 to complete this survey.

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Capturing the landscape of mentoring programs and services.

Survey and discussions taking place in Spring 2020 with representatives from community organizations and the research, youth development, government, philanthropic and corporate sectors to understand the prevalence, practices and scope of mentoring programs in Canada.

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To bridge the gap between researchers and service providers, Mentor Canada, the University of Alberta, and the Alberta Mentoring Partnership are spearheading a new Canadian Mentoring Research Network (CMRN). The CMRN will build a network of academics in the field of mentoring to share research, knowledge, best practice, and expand the evidence base in Canada.

The State of Mentoring Research Initiative and the work of the CMRN will support the development of tools and resources to improve the quality of mentoring services in Canada.